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Callan Pharma Services is a contract research organization with expertise in the development and intellectual property protection of injectable and ophthalmic pharmaceutical formulations. Callan’s particular expertise is the formulation of hydrophobic APIs and solving formulation challenges related to changes in product morphology, such as gelation.


Callan is proficient in the development and analytical characterization of nanoparticle formulations. Callan has prepared nanoparticle formulations to address solubility, bioavailability, and drug safety challenges.  Callan’s decades of combined experience in this field led to their development of Apisolex™️ Polymer technology.


Callan focuses on the development of lyophilized, liquid, suspension, and emulsion dosage forms. Callan has scaled in-house developed processes to tens of liter scales, including single batches of lyophilized drug products totaling 1200 vials. Callan possesses the formulation equipment and analytical instrumentation to support formulation development through the end of pre-clinical research. Callan’s founders are both registered US Patent and Trademark office agents with tremendous insight into positioning a drug formulation to extend and fortify IP protection.